The Former WWII Tule Lake Internment Camp Castle Rock near Newell, California.
The Tule Lake Historical Marker.
Ruins of a latrine with Abalone Mountain.
Ruins of the foundation of a guard tower at the main entrance to the camp.
Site of the May 24, 1944 shooting of Shoichi James Okamoto.
John Escalera, far left, and Walter McLane, both residents of Newell (the neighborhood also known locally as The Flying Goose), direct Japanese American visitors to a cluster of homes made from former barracks.
The Flying Goose.
A young bicyclist speeds by one of the many converted barracks on the former prison camp site.
Many residents move to Newell because rents are affordable. This family moved here only two months ago.
Abandoned Barrack
Locals use the former fire house as a community center.
Pa's Fishing Cabin