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why do they change so fast? I can't even get a look at them! Are you afraid somebody will see them?


Mr. Primate, I'll try to slow the next one down for you a bit. And I'm not really afraid, but thanks for asking!


What are the orange flags symbolizing?
good job comrades continue the militant dissent, disrupt, educate, agitate.

>From protest to resistance....

Orange order?

Not sure, Orange. I should have asked them. I assumed it had to do with the orange Guantanamo jumpsuits.


another one off to the concentration camp


These Anarchist are walking contradictions. How do you riot for peace? This is obviously the wrong way to effect change. You don't make change with more violence. So recreate 68 is mad at Alex because of what he said? Grow up 68 and stop whining about some stupid statements made about your organization, you can't fight this alone with force or violence. If anyone is going to ruin this event it will be 68 trying to recreate the past which never worked in the first place. Get rid of your ridiculas attitude and join the masses. United we stand divided we fall..............we all want the same thing. A peaceful new form of government and the Constitution and BOR restored


Well Illuminate, I agree sometimes the message doesn't quite get through. But at least the kids came out and tried to make their voices heard. Right? Judging from the seemingly low turnout for the dnc related events that I've seen, a lot of people aren't bothering to show up.

I don't know anything about the spat between organizations.


Hi Brian was wondering how you do your photo galleries? Im from Australia.

Death to the new world order!

Chris Sutherland

Chris, I made it in Flash a couple years ago. It needs to be updated. There are a bunch of free flash sideshows available now, but since I haven't used any, I can't make a recommendation. Thanks for the comments!


thanks for replying — I finally wound up PrtSc'ing & pasting them — great pics though— I grew up in Denver, and I'm trying to recognize landmarks — haven't been back in 20 years.


Street March before the DNC, Sunday, August 24, 2008, in downtown Denver

A homemade tank led by young anarchists passes a limo on California Street during an impropmtu side march Sunday afternoon, August 24, 2008.
Two pink cardboard tanks cross the tracks on California and 17th streets.
Youths hurry down California Street.
Antiwar protestors snake through traffic on 18th Street in Denver.
Marchers continue toward Civic Center Park.
Police shove protestors at the foot of the Colorado State Capitol. Police move marchers and spectators onto the sidewalk at Stout Street near 15th before dispersing them.
"You are ordered to clear the streets. The time is 4:20."

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