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Relatives, friends and fellow war resisters gather Friday, August 21, 2009, to remember Heart Mountain Fair Play Committee founder, Kiyoshi Okamoto.

Although Okamoto died in 1975, his family only recently located his grave in the Potter's Field section of Evergreen Cemetery, east of downtown Los Angeles.

Irene Kuromiya greets MIS veteran and longtime supporter of the resisters, Paul Tsuneishi.

Ernie Masumoto, Okamoto's grand nephew, remarks that if it weren't for his wife, Marie and her thirst for knowledge, the family would never have learned that Okamoto was buried in Boyle Heights in 1975.

Frank Chin's 1982 article in the Rafu Shimpo sparked interest in the history of war resistance among the Japanese Americans held prisoner in concentration camps during World War II.

The Chapel

War resisters, Yosh Kuromiya and Frank Emi, and supporter, Paul Tsuneishi, inspect the public burial registry for the year 1975.

Frank Emi reads the one line inscription denoting the burial of his friend and colleague.

Hop Li Restaurant, Chinatown

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