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Photos by Brian Minami Photojournalist Photographer
Photo Captions:

More than 5,000 southern Californians voiced their contempt Sunday, October 6, 2002 for the Bush administration's desire for war with Iraq. Organizers staged simultaneous demonstrations in cities across the nation with large gatherings at Union Square in San Francisco and at New York City's Central Park.
Characteristically underestimating the number of participants, mainstream media outlets reported only a couple thousand protesters on Wilshire Blvd. Reuters claimed "hundreds."
CHP officers stationed at the 405 freeway escort photographers down the Westwood offramp to Wilshire Boulevard during the "Not in Our Name" anti-war march Sunday, October 6, 2002.
Sue, a Riverside resident who requested anonymity, and her daughter (right) ventured to Westwood with a homemade sign.
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