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Preparing for a Headshot Shoot

Select your wardrobe.

Bring a few changes of clothing keeping in mind that in real headshots, only the collar and some shoulder will be visible. We may also try wider shots so be sure to bring an appropriate selection of outfits. Include both light and dark fabrics. Solids and simple patterns are best. Try to avoid bright whites. High contrast designs may prove too distracting.

Bring your old pictures

Bring your old headshots and be ready to articulate precisely what you like and dislike about them. If you wish, bring photos or clippings of other people to help illustrate your ideas.

Get plenty of rest the night before

If you want to appear fresh and energetic, go to bed early the night before. The entire crew is wise to follow this simple advice.

Sign our forms and make payment

Upon arrival the day of the shoot you will be introduced to the crew and we will discuss exactly what type of shots, angles and settings we will try. Before the hair/makeup artist takes over, you will be required to read and sign two forms -- a standard model release and a usage license agreement. These are standard contracts that basically say that (1) the photographer owns the copyright and (2) the model has the right to reproduce the photos for promotional purposes. You may print these out and bring them with you. Please notify us ahead of time if you decline to sign the model release.

Final payment is due the day of the shoot. You must pay the balance (total fee minus deposit) by check, credit card or cash. Remember, the deposit covers studio time, setup and the crew; it is not refundable.

Hair and Make-up

While we prepare the set, you and the hair/makeup artist will discuss what styles to use. Usually, style for headshots is very simple and natural looking. Feel free to offer your input. All members of the crew are very professional and will try to create what you request.

The Shoot

We usually start with the model seated. Stay relaxed and aware. As you hear the camera firing, you may adjust your expression, posture and gaze however you wish. The photographer will follow you as you move and give direction when needed. For headshots, you must try to maintain strong eye contact with the camera at all times. We will break to change clothing, change the set and rework the make-up as necessary. Our standard headshot package includes around 170 shots (the equivalent of five rolls of 35mm film and usually lasts two or three hours.

After the Shoot

After the film is developed we will upload digital contact sheets to a private folder on our web site. You may email the link to friends or agents to help you decide which headshot to use. If you do not have internet access you may make your selections following the shoot.

We will retouch and burn the finished images onto a cd for you. We provide two 8x10 proof prints for your portfolio. You may take or email the digital files to a printer or we can provide high quality lithographic and photographic reproductions.

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