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True LA headshot story

This headshot stands out even when displayed on a wall full of other headshots. Sometimes all the stars line up and a good actor, soft lighting and a relaxed spirit combine to make an excellent headshot.

This was shot outside on an overcast day in Venice more than ten years ago. The church where this was shot and my old apartment have since been converted to expensive condos.

While no headshot will get an actor a job, a good one can be an indispensible tool. Case in point: this actor was once late to an audition for a role as a Buddhist monk. Upon arrival, a roomful of bald, robed actors made their exit and the producers were doing the same. My client, who has since become a close friend, waved his headshot at the departing casting agent. She initially refused an audition, however after seeing the actor, she decided to show his headshot to the director. The director who agreed to see one last monk.

After a callback a few days later, the actor was cast in a Sony Playstation commercial. Of course, the director was won over by his personality and acting ability, but the headshot definitely helped.

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