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Commercial headshot — Playa Del Rey actor

Playa Del Rey Headshot Playa Del Rey Actor Headshot

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We shot Daniela's first headshot outside using a combination of natural and studio light. Daniela prefers to not wear makeup and only slight retouching was needed to smooth out the image. She has a very natural look and a beautiful smile.

Technical Info

In these two headshots we can see the difference in facial modeling that results from using lenses of different focal lengths. The headshot on the left was shot with an 85mm lens, a lens often associated with portraits. The 85mm gives a more three dimensional look while being just long enought to produce a tight headshot without too much distortion.

The 300mm is a medium telephoto lens commonly used by sports photographers. These long lenses flatten perspective and have shallow depth of field. They make very attractive portraits.

Headshot Info

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