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Headshot Testimonials

Awesome Photos
I am an interior decorator and needed some photos taken for my business card and ads. I've tried 2 photographers and spent the money and didn't like the photos they took. I found Minami Pictures and scheduled a photo shoot. The photographer did such a wonderful job and people have been asking where I had my photos taken. Very easy to work with and highly recommended.


Shooting with Brian was such a great experience! He's really good at capturing the right poses, background, expressions, and the lighting that really makes your face look better than it actually is. He is really out there and original with his style of pictures. There were hundreds of pictures taken... about eight hundred... and there were so many different styles to chose from. There were pictures of me in various places and outfits; ones by the beach, on the cliffs, in a prom dress and many more. If you're a beginner, you don't have to worry because he's a patient guy and has a lot of experience that will help you. Don't worry about being nervous because he's a really down to earth guy who is really good at making people feel at ease and comfortable. He's a likeable guy. You'll have so much fun shooting with him.

Oh, yeah, and if some of them look good.. but it's a little off, he knows how to use photo shop. :O)

Los Angeles

I recently needed a head shot for my company's web page. I only had one day to turn around my request. Brian offered to set up a session the same day. He was not only extremely professional, but also a talented artist. I am a reluctant subject, I hate to be photographed. Brian put me at ease and the resulting shots reflected his efforts. I would highly recommend Brian to anyone without reservation.


I would certainly recommend this service: Needless to say, I am very pleased with the results that Brian Minami came up with for me. My pictures couldn't please me more! He is thorough, professional, and honest in his business practices. I have already spread the word about his work. Everyone who has seen the pictures is very impressed by the quality of the photography, and they have served me well getting auditions and work. In the acting business, good pictures are a real necessity if you are serious about doing it. Brian has certainly done his part.

San Pedro

Wonderful headshot
Brian was a very wonderful photographer to work with. He was very polite and patient with me. He did a great job on my head shot that I needed for the reason I needed them. Definitely would recommend him to anyone I know that needs photos taken for head shots in the future.


I am very grateful for your help!!! I got the part!!!

Appreciate your professionalism! We will do more work together!

Thank you,

You did an excellent job. I thought when I went to get my headshots taken that it would be like a factory -- take the necessary pictures, select a proof myself and hope for the best. But when I shot with you, you actually cared how the pictures were gonna come out. I feel that I'm not the most photogenic person ever, but it didn't matter because you kept giving me suggestions and helping me out, and it was a fantastic experience. I will definitely recommend you due to your drive to make me look good. Thank you again.

Justin Zipprich
North Hollywood

Even though a senior actor, I am new in the business.

Step one was finding a "Photog" I found Brian and had no way of knowing how good he was. Him seeming competent was nice, of course, but the proof was in the results. I was most fortunate, because I did 3 speaking roles in the first few weeks. I was amazed at my immediate success. Beginners luck? I don't think so, because these guys are paying me. All commented on my head shots. Need I say more?

Jerry Esten

Good morning Brian! Thank you, the shots are wonderful. I've been looking at them and I am very happy with them. I will start deciding on the 5 from each set up and I'll email you as soon as I can.

Genevieve Dezso
Harbor City

The headshots just arrived. Thank you very very much. Rest assured, you have my recommendation to anyone who ever asks me regarding a photographer. You've been most helpful with something that's been on my to-do list for ages.

Take care sir and my best wishes to you.

Joshua B.
Van Nuys

The headshots are marvelous.

Marvin S.
Santa Monica

Hi Brian,


I checked all of the pictures. Thanks for the great work, I swear I never had a good picture of me. Finally there are some that I can consider pretty.

Diana K.
Huntington Beach

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